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Eco-Friendly System

Doosan Engine has applied proprietary technology to develop the DelNOx system for exhaust after-treatment. This highly efficient system operates at low temperature and enables customers to satisfy marine and industrial regulations on nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

DelNOx® SCR System

13년 6월 독일선급(GL)의 적합성인증서
13년 6월 독일선급(GL)의 적합성인증서

DelNOx is a NOx reduction system developed by Doosan Engine’s proprietary technologies. The system helps marine vessels and industrial facilities satisfy NOx emission regulations with exceptional reduction efficiency. DelNOx has been verified by the Classification society, Germanischer Lloyd (GL).

Principle of SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)

  • SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) : Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System
  • The SCR system is an eco-friendly method for NOx reduction. Chemical reactions using a reductant in the catalyst layer convert nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases into harmless pure water and nitrogen.

  • E-mail address: delnox@doosan.com
  • Sales support: +82-55-260-6626 / 6641
  • Technical support: +82-55-260-6929 / 6464

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Global Performance

Global Performance

We have developed environment friendly engine and the largest engine for the first in the world. Doosan Engine will support the shipbuilding industry of Korea.



We make the full range of large diesel engines and have played an important role in making Korea the world's leading shipbuilder. We also construct diesel power plants.

Brochures / Catalogues

Brochures / Catalogues

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