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Doosan Infracore Selected as the Engine Supplier of China’s Leading Forklift Manufacturer ‘Baoli’
Doosan Infracore Selected as the Engine Supplier of China’s Leading Forklift Manufacturer ‘Baoli’

Doosan Infracore is set to supply 12,000 units of an eco-friendly high-efficiency G2 compact diesel engine (left) to Baoli, a Chinese forklift manufacturer.

On 28 October 2018, Doosan Infracore announced that it had been selected as the engine supplier of ‘Baoli,’ China’s leading forklift manufacturer, also a subsidiary of KION Group of Germany, the world’s second largest forklift truck manufacturer.

Doosan Infracore will supply 12,000 units of the G2 compact diesel engine, now under development to meet the European Stage-V* emission regulation that will take effect from 2019, to Baoli by 2025. Baoli plans to install the engines in the company’s key export models.

*Stage-V: The new EU emission regulation that will enter into effect in 2019 to limit the emission of particulate matter by diesel engines.

“Doosan Infracore has once again proved its status as a world-class manufacturer of industrial engines as it is set to supply its engines to the world’s leading forklift manufacturers KION and Baoli,” declared Vice-president Joonho Yoo, head of Doosan Infracore’s Engine BG. “Doosan Infracore will focus on securing large corporate clients to increase its annual turnover.”

Doosan Infracore signed a long-term engine supply contract with KION in June 2017 following its selection as the latter’s engine supplier, and succeeded in making inroads into the Chinese agricultural machinery engine market and the Vietnamese bus engine market in the same year.
Earlier this year the company also signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Arbos, an Italian tractor manufacturer, and with Indonesia’s state-owned engine producer, thereby accelerating its efforts to develop new markets and expand its business globally.