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Doosan Infracore Participates in ‘POWERGEN International 2019’

On Nov. 18, Doosan Group (Chairman Jeongwon Park) announced that its affiliates, including Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction and Doosan Infracore, will participate in POWERGEN International 2019, which is to be held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Nov. 19-21. POWERGEN International is the world’s largest power generation event, which takes place in the U.S. around the end of every year.

Doosan Infracore will debut its hybrid powertrain* prototype. The hybrid powertrain is a combination of a combustion engine with an electric motor and battery. It boasts excellent fuel efficiency and robust eco-friendliness: The electric motor turns on when a small amount of energy is needed, while the combustion engine generates a larger amount of energy when it is needed.

*Powertrain refers to the main components that generate power and deliver that power within machinery.

The hybrid powertrain is a small diesel engine (2.4 liters) combined with a 48-volt electric motor and can generate up to 100 horsepower, equivalent to the capacity of a 3-liter engine. It fully complies with emission regulations even without a separate post-treatment system, which needs to be attached to a 3-liter engine.

Doosan Infracore will also display its high-function, eco-friendly version of the DX22 engine which targets commercial production. The DX22 (22 liters) is a large-scale electronic engine and produces 20% more horsepower with its best-in-class fuel efficiency. The company plans to announce its new product support policy as well, which will double the length of the warranty period for the engines of emergency generators based on its strong confidence in product quality.

Vice President Junho Yoo, head of Doosan Infracore’s Engine BG, said, “In line with globally stricter regulations on emission gases, we put in our best effort to advance our electronic products and hybrid technologies. We will continue to diversify our markets and products as a high-function, eco-friendly engine maker.”

▲ (left) A view of an engine used in Doosan Infracore’s hybrid powertrain
(right) A view of a DX22 large-scale electronic engine displayed by Doosan Infracore at POWERGEN International 2019