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Doosan Infracore Enjoys a Boom in its Smart Construction Solution 'XiteCloud'

Doosan Infracore's smart construction solution ‘XiteCloud’ recently won contracts for the Residential Land Development Project (Sections 2-1 and 2-2) in Geomdan, Incheon. The photo shows a Doosan Infracore excavator demonstrating its excellence at the Smart Construction Challenge 2020.

Launched in May, Doosan Infracore’s smart construction solution, XiteCloud, is enjoying a boom.

Doosan Infracore announced on December 1 that it had recently signed a contract for the “XiteCloud” service with the contractor of Section 2-1 of the Geomdan District Residential Land Development Project in Incheon, followed by the execution of another contract with the contractor of the nearby Section 2-2 of the same project.

XiteCloud is a new construction site management solution that produces an optimal construction plan through a dedicated cloud platform which links the results of a 3D drone survey, earthwork volume calculation, and construction plans in order to ensure that on-site work progresses efficiently. It completes a survey of a construction site and calculates the volume of earthwork – a process that usually takes around two weeks - within just one or two days, and increases productivity through systemic project management.

Sections 2-1 and 2-2 of the Geomdan District Residential Land Development Project in Incheon, for which the company has recently signed contracts, cover 1.89 million and 2.18 million square meters, respectively. Notably, a large part of the overall area is hilly, making it difficult to conduct surveying and calculate the required volume of earthwork in the traditional way. This challenging topography is the main reason why XiteCloud is expected to make significant differences to the project with its 3D drone surveying and earthwork analysis platform.

Doosan Infracore will provide construction companies with 3D modeling, earthwork volume analysis, and progress management services generated by its XiteCloud platform, following the 3D drone surveying of land development sites. The company plans to continue expanding the scope of application of its XiteCloud services to include earthwork calculation at the bidding stage, followed by verification of the earthwork volume at the contract execution stage between the client and the contractor.

An executive from Doosan Infracore said, “XiteCloud is highly regarded in the market for its excellence in economic feasibility and utility,” adding “Since inquiries are increasing from advanced markets such as Europe, we are preparing to introduce the service abroad, too.”

The excellence of XiteCloud was proven on September 23 when it won the Grand Prize (Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Award) at the Smart Construction Challenge 2020 hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in the field of ‘earthwork automation and advanced surveying.’