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Doosan Infracore’s Hybrid Powertrain Named Notable New Product of 2020

▲ (Left) December cover of Diesel Progress
▲ (Right) Doosan Infracore’s hybrid powertrain introduced in the Notable New Products of 2020 page

Doosan Infracore’s hybrid powertrain has been named as one of the eleven Notable New Products of 2020 by Diesel Progress magazine.

Diesel Progress is a magazine issued by KHL Group publication, the world's leading supplier of international construction and power information. In its December issue, it named Doosan Infracore’s hybrid powertrain as one of the Notable New Products of 2020 along with 10 other products.

The hybrid powertrain is power delivery system that uses a combination of a combustion engine with an electric motor and battery to increase fuel efficiency. This combination enables Doosan Infracore’s hybrid powertrain to use only the engine when a small amount of energy is needed, and both the engine and electric motor when a larger amount of energy is needed.

Doosan Infracore’s Engine BG has started developing mild hybrid powertrain technology since 2018 using G2 engines (D24) as its base. The H24 prototype was successfully initiated last year and also passed application tests held this June.

Diesel Progress has already introduced the Doosan H24 hybrid powertrain in this year’s January issue. Devoting a whole page, it introduced the model, how it was developed, and a detailed interview with principle research engineer DocKoon Yoo who is in charge of the hybrid program.

In addition to the H24 model, Doosan Infracore is currently developing the H34 powertrain, based on a 3.4-liter D34 engine. H34 has successfully passed application tests held late November, enabling it to replace 4.4-liter engines.

Doosan Infracore’s Engine BG now plans to develop additional methods to apply mild hybrid powertrains to other equipment and further expand its eco-friendly electrification business that fits the needs of more customers.

▲ January cover of Diesel Progress & Page introducing Doosan Infracore’s hybrid powertrain