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Doosan Infracore launches the ‘Euro 6’ electronic engine to target commercial vehicles

Doosan Infracore developed a Euro 6 electronic engine for commercial vehicles and launched in the domestic market.

The Company announced on the 26th of the month that the first Prima truck of Tata Daewoo commercial vehicles equipped with this new engine had been successfully delivered to the customer.

Doosan Infracore developed this new engine - DX12 electronic engine - for Tata Daewoo commercial vehicles. It has an engine capacity of 11.1 liters and a maximum power output of 460 horsepower. Developed as an electronic model, this new engine is a high-performance, yet environment-friendly product satisfying the world’s strictest exhaust gas regulations (Euro 6), even when it is operated without EGR.

Together with high-efficiency SCR* technology, this product is equipped with an electronic system for diesel fuel injection called the common rail system, making it an engine with the world’s best fuel economy and durability in its class.

* SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)

This environment-friendly device is used to convert nitrogen oxides (NOx), a byproduct of burning fossil fuel, into a non-hazardous substance. The high-efficiency SCR used by the DX12 electronic engine can reduce NOx by as much as 98%.

A total of 25 truck models of Tata Daewoo, including Prima and Novus, will be equipped with Doosan Infracore’s DX12 engine, and then launched.

Hyungbum Paek, Managing Director of Doosan Infracore Engine BG, was quoted as saying “DX12 electronic model offers the world’s highest product competitiveness in terms of fuel economy, durability, and post-processing. Market expansion will be promoted to seek prospective customers manufacturing commercial vehicles not only at home, but also in major developing countries.”

Doosan Infracore will continue to expand the lineup for medium and large engines, boosting the growth of the engine manufacturing business. Last year, Doosan Infracore’s engine manufacturing business grew by 8.4% year on year, achieving net sales of 1,156.1 billion won.

Doosan Infracore launches the ‘Euro 6’ electronic engine to target commercial vehicles

▲ DX12 Euro 6 electronic engine developed by Doosan Infracore for commercial vehicles